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Buy Stylish Teak Root Coffee Tables in UK

The coffee table is the anchor piece in many living rooms – it’s where guests gather for cocktails and where treasured tomes and decor objects are displayed. As a focal point, choosing the right teak root coffee table makes a major style statement. This article will guide you through shopping the hottest teak root coffee tables trends taking UK homes by storm.

From sleek ceramics to organic tree trunk designs, we will explore options to match any decor. Read on for insider tips to find your perfect coffee table and elevate your living room to new stylish heights.

Coffee Table Shopping Considerations

With endless options on the market, coffee table shopping can feel overwhelming. Keep the following factors in mind to narrow down your search:

Size – Scale your coffee table to fit your furniture layout. Leave 15-18” clearance around sides and 24-30” in front for leg room.

Shape – Common shapes include rectangular, square, round and oval. Make sure to measure your sofa and surrounding furniture to find a complementing silhouette.

Material – Wood, glass, metal and ceramics are popular options. Consider your lifestyle and decor style. For example, glass tops work well in modern settings while wood brings warmth to traditional rooms.

Function – Will you use your coffee table purely for drinks/books or also for serving meals? Look for lift-top designs and storage options if you plan to eat at the coffee table.

Style – Match your coffee table to your existing decor – mid-century modern, industrial, rustic etc. It will set the tone for the whole room.

Let’s explore some of the most coveted coffee table trends taking UK living rooms to the next level of style.

Sleek Ceramic Coffee Tables

Ceramic coffee tables in neutral earth tones or bold colours make a gorgeous modern statement. With their ultra-smooth surfaces and high-gloss sheen, ceramics add a contemporary edge. They ground lighter furniture and decor in mid-century or Scandinavian-inspired spaces.

This grey ceramic coffee table from Chelsea Home and Leisure brings a moody, sophisticated vibe. The oval silhouette works perfectly between sofas or chairs. Its stain-resistant ceramic top makes cleanup a breeze – just a quick wipe down. Neutral colours like this chic shade of grey complement any colour scheme.

Ceramic’s durability also makes it an ideal coffee table material for homes with kids and pets. Affordable pricing is another reason ceramic tables are surging in popularity. To recreate this on-trend look, look for ceramic coffee tables with simple, pared-back designs to highlight the material’s sleek beauty.

Unique Teak Root Coffee Tables

For an organic, nature-inspired look, tree trunk coffee tables crafted from solid wood slabs or teak root are wildly popular. Their textured, raw wood surfaces add warmth and rustic character to living rooms. Unvarnished tree trunk tables showcase the wood’s natural grain, knots and imperfections for a charming aged effect.

Tree trunk coffee tables like this teak root design from Chelsea Home and Leisure feel special and unique. No two share the exact same patterning. The organic shapes make a striking style statement in modern spaces, from urban lofts to Scandinavian-inspired homes. Pair with leather sofas, cowhide rugs and indoor plants to enhance the earthy vibe.

If maintaining raw wood seems daunting, many tree slab coffee tables come pre-sealed for protection. This preserves the organic look without the maintenance hassle. A teak or oak tree trunk table tops the list for homeowners wanting a conversation-starting focal point.

Round Coffee Tables Maximize Small Spaces

For city flats and bijou living rooms, round coffee tables are a savvy choice. Their compact circular footprint leaves plenty of leg room and allows traffic to flow around the sofa.

Round coffee tables also encourage interaction, as all seated guests face each other. Look for round ceramic or glass-topped tables to prevent a cluttered feel. Metal bases add airiness while providing sturdy support.

When choosing a round coffee table, make sure to leave adequate clearance between the sofa and surrounding chairs or shelves. Scale the diameter to the size of your space. A too-large coffee table can make a room feel crowded.

To allow seating on all sides, select a circular coffee table around 36-42 inches wide. Smaller spaces may require a coffee table closer to 30 inches diameter. With the right proportions, even petite living rooms can accommodate a round coffee table.

Lift-Top Coffee Tables for Versatile Function

For ultimate versatility, lift-top coffee tables are prized for their dual levels. With the top surface raised, the interior space can be used for playing games, eating casual meals, doing crafts and more.

When not in use, the lift-top lowers to create a standard coffee table height ideal for drinks and display objects. Look for lift-top coffee tables with generously sized interior compartments to hold ample supplies.

This functionality makes lift-top coffee tables perfect for families, as they adapt to serve various needs. The two-tier design also adds visual interest. Most lift-top coffee tables feature clean-lined wood, metal or ceramic bases that suit modern decor.

Coffee Tables with Storage Solutions

To help keep clutter at bay, homeowners love coffee tables that incorporate discreet storage solutions. Lift-top tables as described above offer excellent enclosed storage space. But simpler coffee tables can also provide organizational options.

Look for coffee tables with slots, shelves or drawers built into the base or sides. These handy compartments can corral coasters, remotes, gaming accessories and more. Avoid styles where storage looks visibly cluttered from the outside. Slots and discreet drawers keep contents hidden while keeping items handy.

For family-friendly living rooms, storage coffee tables with deep surface compartments are handy for stashing toys when not in use. When guests arrive, simply lift the lid and sweep toys into the coffee table to hide kid clutter.

Shop Top UK Retailers for On-Trend Teak Root Coffee Tables

To find gorgeous coffee tables to elevate your own living room, shop premier UK home retailers like Chelsea Home and Leisure. Browse their curated selection of chic ceramic tables, organic wood slab designs, space-savvy round tables and more.

Take inspiration from their style photos to recreate complete room looks. Use the links provided to shop the exact coffee tables shown in their living room images.

With the right coffee table, this anchor piece can set the tone for your whole living space. Let these top trends guide you towards the ideal table to match your personal style and enhance your interior decor. Visitors will gravitate towards this focal point – so invest in a quality coffee table that wows.

Frequently Asked Questions about Stylish Teak Root Coffee Tables

What size coffee table should I buy?

Choose a coffee table that is in scale with your sofa and seating. Allow 15-18” of clearance on all sides and 24-30” in front for leg room. Oval or rectangular shapes work well with most sofas.

What is the most popular coffee table height?

The most common coffee table height is around 16-18 inches. This allows enough leg room underneath while keeping drinks and objects within easy reach.

How do I choose a coffee table shape for my space?

Consider the shape and layout of your existing furniture. Oval and rectangular tables pair well with most sofas. Round tables work for sectionals or small spaces. Square tables fit evenly into corners.

What’s the best material for a kid-friendly coffee table?

Durable materials like wood, ceramic or stone tops are able to withstand daily wear and tear from kids. Avoid more delicate glass or lacquered tops that can scratch or stain easily.

Should I get a coffee table with storage?

Storage coffee tables help keep remotes, books and clutter contained. Look for lift-top designs or options with shelves, drawers or cubbies. Make sure storage doesn’t make the table look cluttered from the outside.

How do I style a coffee table?

Keep styling simple – a few curated decorative pieces like vases, trays or sculptural objects. Rotate seasonal accents. Avoid cluttering the surface. Use coffee table books and magazines in small stacks.

What are floatation coffee tables?

Floatation coffee tables have a glass top that appears to “float” above a clear glass base for a minimalist look. Shelves built into the base add hidden storage.

How do I clean and care for different coffee table materials?

Glass, metal or ceramic clean with just soap and water. Wood needs coasters and gentle polish to protect finish. Marble requires sealant and avoiding acidic liquids which can stain.

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