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How to Care for Ceramic dining Tables

We always look for a great, high-quality designs for everyday life. And when it comes to dining tables, ceramic tabletops are at the top of that list. Thanks to modern engineering, ceramic tables give you the best of both worlds: beauty and ease of care. We are aware that maintaining your home need not be difficult. For this reason, we’ve created a short and simple “cheat sheet” for maintaining ceramic tables. Please continue reading to learn how to care for ceramic dining tables.

Wet sponge and detergent!

Washing ceramic tabletops is a cinch. It’s that simple! Wipe down the surface with warm water and mild soap once or twice weekly (or more often if needed). You don’t need to use any additional products or chemicals; warm water and soap will do the trick!


For Crumbs and Dust

Wipe off crumbs with a damp cloth or soft brush. Wiping it down should be enough to get rid of any dust accumulated on its surface.


For Spills

We recommend using a paper towel or napkin to absorb most of the liquid before wiping with a damp cloth or soft brush for spills and splatters. If food is stuck onto the surface, try using warm water mixed with a bit of vinegar to dissolve some of it first before wiping away any remaining stains with soap and water afterwards.

Remember to wipe down your tabletop with a gentle cloth or paper towel dipped in water after each use. This means more time enjoying meals with friends and family, and less time worrying about cleaning up afterwards.

Taking good care of your ceramic dining table helps keep it looking fabulous for years. Be sure to always use placemats and coasters to avoid scratches, chips, or water rings. Clean up spills right away with a soft cloth and a mild cleaner. Steer clear of scouring pads or harsh chemicals that could ruin the nice glazed surface. It’s smart to apply ceramic polish every now and then to bring back the shine. And use a protective sealant to repel water and prevent staining. Also, take extra caution around the edges and legs of the table to prevent cracks or dings. With the proper care and gentle use, your ceramic dining table can stay in tip-top shape for endless family dinners and fun get-togethers to come. Checking out this guide on how to care for ceramic dining tables regularly can help keep it in pristine condition.

Do! Use a limestone cleaning gel.

You can buy this at any hardware store or home improvement store. It will help restore the shine and leave your table looking clean and fresh!

Don’t!  Use put any abrasive products

Cleaning your table without having to scrub it too hard is easy. But remember, there’s no need or worry about scratching the surface of your table, as ceramic is highly resistant to scratches and

Ditch the Placemats

There is no need for placemats on these tables. This is because the surface is virtually waterproof and stain resistant. As long as you wipe up spills right away, they should not cause any problems with your table.


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