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Modern Ceramic Dining Table Sets

Creating a chic, on-trend dining space starts with choosing the right table and chairs. Modern ceramic dining table sets are surging in popularity for their contemporary style, durability and easy maintenance. Sleek ceramic tables paired with plush upholstered chairs result in effortlessly elegant dining rooms.

This article will showcase stunning ceramic dining sets perfect for modern UK homes. We’ll explore popular color pairings, materials, sizes and designs to inspire your own space. Read on to discover how to elevate your dining area with one of today’s most coveted looks.

Benefits of Modern Ceramic Dining Sets

Ceramic dining furniture combines aesthetic appeal with practical advantages that busy households need. Here’s why ceramic sets are a smart choice:

Contemporary Style – With their smooth, glossy surfaces, ceramic tables lend rooms a refined, upscale look. Their organic shapes and neutral tones work beautifully in modern spaces.

Durable and Scratch-Resistant – Ceramic tops stand up well to daily wear and tear from meals and family living. Their non-porous surfaces resist stains and scuffs.

Easy Maintenance – Ceramic tables require very little maintenance beyond an occasional wipe down. No need for polishing or special cleaners.

Heat-Resistant – Ceramic can withstand high temperatures, so you needn’t worry about placing hot dishes on the tabletop.

Affordable yet Luxurious – Quality ceramic tables cost much less than stone, marble or wood, yet still impart luxe style.

When paired with comfortable upholstered chairs, ceramic table sets provide an irresistible combination of elegance, durability and value. Let’s explore some stunning options.

On-Trend Color Combinations

One of the biggest dining set trends is pairing ceramic tables in neutral or bold hues with upholstered chairs in complementary colors. This dynamic pairing creates eye-catching style perfect for open-concept spaces.

Some popular color combinations include:

– Black or dark grey ceramic table + light grey chairs

– White or cream ceramic table + black chairs

– Wood-tone ceramic table + tan or blush chairs

– Bold blue ceramic table + navy upholstered chairs

Mismatched chairs add eclectic flair. Consider using accent chairs with exposed wood frames to offset the sleek ceramic tabletop. The material and color contrast is striking.

This dark grey ceramic dining set from Chelsea Home and Leisure features six light grey velvet chairs. The interplay between the black ceramic table and paler chairs makes a bold modern statement. Mixing complementary hues enables daring dining spaces.

Choosing Ceramic and Upholstery

When selecting materials, ceramics like porcelain, stoneware and vitrified ceramic offer maximum durability and ease of maintenance. Their non-porous composition resists scratches, stains and daily wear. Stick to reputable brands known for quality construction.

For upholstered chairs, look for easy-clean fabrics like faux leather, polyester blends, or treated velvets. Dense foam padding provides comfortable support. Avoid delicate upholsteries that require special care.

Grey, white and black are today’s most popular ceramic colors. But don’t be afraid to get creative. Deep blue or forest green tables provide seriously dramatic style. Just tailor your chair colors to complement the bold ceramic hue.

Sizing Your Modern Ceramic Dining Set

When choosing a ceramic dining set, first consider your room size and table measurements. Allow a minimum of 24” clearance on all sides of the table for ample leg room. Here are typical 4, 6, 8 and 10 person table dimensions:

4-seater = 35″ to 47″ diameter (140cm)

6-seater = 47″ to 59″ diameter (150cm)

8-seater = 63″ to 71” diameter (180cm)

10-seater = 71″ to 87″ diameter (210cm+)

Rectangular tables should allow 24-30 inches per person. An extendable ceramic dining table maximizes seating flexibility for both small and large gatherings.

Don’t overwhelm a petite dining space with oversized furnishings. Seek out compact sets with round or oval pedestal tables and slender chair profiles.

Contemporary Chair Styles

To complement a modern ceramic dining table, look for chairs with clean, minimalist lines. Streamlined silhouettes help rooms feel light and spacious. Popular styles include:

– Upholstered side chairs – Contoured backs and padded seats offer comfort without bulk. Polyester, microfiber or faux leather are durable, easy-care choices.

– Sled chairs – Their angular metal legs and exposed chair framework have an airy, industrial vibe fitting smaller spaces.

– Acrylic chairs – Transparent acrylic chairs maintain sightlines in modern rooms. Stackable for convenient storage when not in use.

– Metal-legged chairs – Mixed materials look current. Opt for wooden or upholstered seats atop sleek metallic legs in gold, silver or black hues.

Mismatched chairs provide casual chic contrast to the sleek ceramic table. For intricate table patterns, choose simpler chairs so as not to compete.

Shop Smart: Top Ceramic Dining Sets from Chelsea

To find stunning ceramic dining sets for your own home, browse Chelsea Home and Leisure’s gorgeous selection. They carry on-trend table and chair pairings in today’s hottest color combinations.

Their Grey and Cream Ceramic Sets (linked here) include extending tables that transition from compact 4-seaters to spacious 8-seater options with ease. Or make a bold style statement with their Charcoal Black Ceramic Sets beautifully contrasted with Grey Chairs (linked).

Chelsea’s collection offers the ideal ceramic dining sets to create your dream space. Take inspiration from their stylish dining rooms to recreate the look with the exact pieces shown. Invest in a quality ceramic dining set that will serve your family in style for years to come.

A Note on Styling Your Modern Dining Space

Once you’ve selected the perfect ceramic dining set, complete the look with chic, contemporary accessories:

– Statement pendant lighting over the table adds sculptural flair.

– Fresh floral centerpieces provide pops of color against neutral ceramics.

– Metallic elements like gold flatware, mirrors or wall art balance the ceramic textures.

– Area rugs underfoot should repeat chair colors to tie the whole space together.

With the right ceramic dining set and decorative accents, your dining area will become a favorite spot for your family to connect while projecting pure modern style.

Frequently Asked Questions about Modern Ceramic Dining Sets

What are the benefits of a ceramic dining table?

Ceramic is durable, stain and scratch resistant, easy to clean, and heatproof. It offers a sleek, modern look. Ceramic is also more affordable than many table materials.

What style chairs work best with a ceramic table?

Look for chairs with clean lines that complement the ceramic material. Upholstered side chairs, transparent acrylic chairs, or mixed material chairs work well in modern spaces.

How do you pick chair colors for a ceramic dining set?

Choose chair colors that contrast or complement your ceramic table hue. Popular pairings include black table with grey chairs, white table with black chairs, or matching bold colors.

What size ceramic dining table do I need?

Allow 24” per person minimum. For 4 people, a 120-140cm table is good. For 6, look for 150-180cm. For 8, 180-210cm is ideal, and 210cm+ for 10. Extendable tables maximize flexibility.

Should I get a round or rectangular ceramic dining table?

Round tables work well in compact spaces. Rectangular tables can better accommodate large groups. In narrow dining rooms, oval tables are ideal.

How durable and heat resistant is ceramic?

Quality ceramic tops are very durable and can withstand extremely high temperatures. Porcelain and stoneware ceramics are harder than lower-fired earthenware.

What is the best way to clean a ceramic dining table?

For daily cleaning, simply wipe with a soft cloth and mild detergent. Avoid abrasive scouring pads. For stubborn stains, use a baking soda paste. Rinse and dry thoroughly after cleaning.

How can you prevent scratches on ceramic?

Use table mats, coasters and placemats. Avoid sliding objects across the surface. Wipe up spills right away so debris doesn’t scratch. Apply car wax occasionally to fill in minor scuffs.

What are the best dining set styles for small spaces?

Look for compact circular pedestal tables and slender chair silhouettes with low backs and armless design. Extendable tables and stackable chairs also maximize space.

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