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Our patio parasols come in models from portable to large sizes to provide ample coverage for outdoor space protection needs. Crafted from weatherproof aluminum, our parasols withstand the rain, wind, and sunlight exposure. The UV protection fabrics block out harsh rays to keep gatherings cool and comfortable.

The portable patio parasols easily move location as needed for full flexibility. Our sturdy in-ground or freestanding pole systems anchor even the large patio parasols firmly into the ground. Find the perfect match for your garden with both full round and rectangular patio parasol options.

Explore distinct modern parasol designs that complement without overpowering garden aesthetics. Our creations feature crisp lines, geometric shapes, and rich neutral tones from gray to beige. We construct the aluminum parasols to remain rust and corrosion free so that they maintain their clean visual appeal.

Discover our weatherproof, movable, and visually striking parasols to shelter your patio, backyard, or garden in style. Reach out with any questions!

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