Teak Tables

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Teak wood makes for an unparalleled tabletop surface for both indoor dining tables and outdoor patio tables due to its high density and natural water-resistant oils. Teak can be carved into a variety of shapes and finishes to suit any decor, whether a rectangular teak dining table for seating 6 guests or a round teak coffee table with bottom shelf storage in a contemporary living space. The durability and weather-resistance also allows teak to be used for smaller outdoor end tables alongside pool lounge chairs or larger potting work benches in the garden.

How is teak wood best used for tables?

Teak wood brings unmatched durability and weather-resistance to tables meant for long-term indoor and outdoor use. Its high density and oil content prevent cracking, splintering and rotting through seasons of use and exposure. Teak requires less maintenance than other woods. These qualities make teak an ideal table surface for dining sets, coffee tables, patio tables, and more furniture needing to withstand high traffic and weather elements.

Why choose teak wood furniture?

Teak wood contains a rare combination of strength and beauty. Tables and other teak furniture retain their golden-brown color for decades with minimal upkeep. The dense grains withstand weather fluctuations and everyday use without impacting the sleek aesthetic. Teak wood furniture adds a touch of timeless luxury to both indoor and outdoor spaces, blending versatile form and function.

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