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UK Best Selling Dining Tables and Chairs

Creating a stylish and welcoming dining space is a top priority for many UK homeowners. The centerpiece dining tables and chairs set the tone for the whole room. Choosing the right furnishings can elevate your dining area from basic to beautiful. This article will explore some of the most popular dining table and chair trends taking UK homes by storm.

From sleek ceramics to plush velvets, we will showcase the highly sought-after styles that promise to make your dining room oh-so-Instagrammable. Read on for an inside look at pieces that homeowners are loving right now when shopping tables and chairs.

Why Choosing the Right Dining Set Matters

The dining table often serves as the focal point of the room – it’s where family and friends gather to connect over delicious meals and meaningful conversations. This imbues dining furniture with a certain significance. The table and chairs you choose make a statement.

An eye-catching dining set brings a room to life. It influences the ambience, functionality and visual flow of the space. It’s worth taking the time to find pieces that check all the boxes:

– Complement your decor style – modern, traditional, retro etc.

– Fit the room dimensions with adequate space for seating.

– Suit your everyday needs and entertaining plans.

– Made from durable, easy-care materials.

– Visually pleasing designs that wow guests.

Keep these factors in mind as we reveal the hottest dining furniture taking UK homes by storm right now.

Ceramic Dining Tables – An On-Trend Favourite

Ceramic dining tables have surged in popularity in recent years. Their smooth, glossy surfaces and contemporary shapes appeal in modern dining spaces. Durability, stain resistance and low maintenance are also big pluses for busy homeowners.

Ceramic styles are available in a spectrum of neutral and bold colours. Grey ceramic dining tables are particularly coveted for their urban chic vibe. Take this sleek light grey ceramic dining table from Chelsea Home and Leisure. With its brilliant high-gloss finish and clean lines, it makes a gorgeous contemporary statement.

Extendable ceramic tables like this grey one maximize flexibility for everyday family meals or special gatherings. Homeowners love the versatility and fuss-free upkeep of ceramic. Built to handle wear and tear, ceramic requires only an occasional wipe down to keep pristine.

Luxurious Upholstered Dining Chairs

To complement stylish ceramic dining tables, upholstered chairs are a perfect match. Plush padded seats with wooden legs balance sleek ceramic materials. Velvet dining chairs in jewel tones or neutrals add a touch of sophistication.

Velvet chairs like these cream ones from Chelsea Home and Leisure feel luxurious and look far more expensive than their affordable price tags. The sloped backs and foam-filled seats provide comfort for lingering dinners. A ceramic dining table paired with posh velvet chairs results in a seriously Instagrammable dining space.

Statement-Making Dining Sets

For major design impact, homeowners are pairing gorgeous ceramic dining tables with upholstered chairs in bold, contrasting hues. This dynamic look is hot for open-concept spaces.

Check out this dark grey ceramic dining table set from Chelsea paired with six modern light grey velvet chairs. The interplay between the black tabletop and lighter chairs is eye-catching and modern. Mixing chairs and tables in complementary tones enables you to be daring in your design.

This trend is perfect for injecting drama into a minimalist interior. And it’s endlessly customizable – just pick your favorite ceramic table and upholstered chair colours to suit your decor.

Blend Traditional with Contemporary

One of the most popular current dining room trends is blending traditional and contemporary elements for an eclectic, curated feel. This look often pairs a sleek ceramic dining table with classic timber chairs for rustic contrast.

A large rectangular ceramic table acts as the modern anchor, while cross-back timber or rattan chairs add organic texture. This mingling of old and new results in a casually chic dining space perfect for relaxed gatherings.

To try this trend yourself, use a pared-back ceramic dining table as your base. Introduce traditional charm through accent chairs, pendant lighting, rug fabrics and other accessories.

Compact Dining Sets Maximize Small Spaces

For urban homeowners and flats, small dining sets save valuable square footage but still deliver style. Round or oval dining tables with slender legs have a compact footprint. Match with space-saving chairs with low backs and armless designs.

Ceramic dining tables that extend or have flip-up leaves are also ideal for small dining rooms. When closed, the table retains a compact shape. Extended, it comfortably accommodates extra dinner guests.

Investing in a quality dining set scaled for your space allows you to entertain in style, even in cozy homes. Don’t sacrifice design just because your room is pint-sized.

Shop Top UK Retailers for the Latest Trends

To browse on-trend dining furniture for your own home, check out retailers like Chelsea Home and Leisure. They carry a fabulous selection of the most coveted dining tables and chairs taking UK homes by storm.

Choose from chic ceramics, plush velvets, space-savvy sets and more. Their curated mix ensures you can nail the dining look you love. To recreate the stunning room designs seen here, find links to the exact pieces used in each styled set.

The ideal dining table and chairs make coming together for meals a joy. Keep these popular 2023 home trends in mind as you shop pieces that express your personal style. With the right furnishings, your dining room will become a favourite spot to gather and a design highlight of your home.

Frequently Asked Questions about Popular UK Dining Tables and Chairs

What are the most popular dining table shapes?

Round, oval and rectangular tables are the most common. Round tables suit smaller spaces, while rectangular tables work well in long, narrow rooms.

What dining table size is best for a family of 4?

Allow a minimum of 24” per person, so a 120-150cm table comfortably seats a family of 4. Round tables may allow slightly less space per setting.

What dining chair styles are most comfortable?

Look for chairs with padded seats, contoured backs, and lumbar support. Chairs with armrests also provide comfort and convenience.

How much space do you need behind a dining chair?

Allow a minimum of 24 inches behind each chair when pulled out, for ample leg room and traffic flow behind the chair.

What are the best materials for kid-friendly dining chairs?

Plastic, leather, or vinyl upholstered chairs clean up easily. Solid wood chairs without cushions tend to show wear and stains.

How do you choose a dining table shape for a small space?

Round and oval tables seat more people per square foot. Pedestal bases maximize leg room in compact areas.

What size dining table is best for 6 or 8 people?

For 6 people allow 150-180cm, for 8 people allow 180-210cm. Allow more space if using wide armchairs.

How do you mix dining chairs around a table?

Vary heights, styles and colors for an eclectic look. Keep the overall color palette cohesive. Dining benches on one side also add variety.

What are durable, low-maintenance dining chair fabrics?

Polyester or poly-blends resist stains. Leather is easy to wipe down. Avoid delicate fabrics like silk or velvet in high-traffic areas.

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